Apologies for the inconvenience! Please attempt these troubleshooting steps:

1. Please reset your modem/router to refresh your internet connection. If you can, we recommend using a wired connection to your PS4. 

2. Please turn off your PS4 for 10 minutes if it is currently on. This will ensure the cache is cleared. 

3. Please turn on your PS4 and ensure you are signed into the PlayStation Network. Please note being connected to the internet does not necessarily mean you are also signed into PSN. You can try opening the Store on your console to be sure you're logged in. 

4. Please also ensure you are only signing into the same PlayStation account you used to originally purchase the game. If you are switching between accounts or using sub accounts, this will not grant access to the episode. 

5. Once your PS4 is on and you are signed in, please restore your licenses. The below PlayStation article describes how to do this: https://support.playstation.com/s/article/PS4-Trouble-With-Downloadable-Content?language=en_US  

After trying these steps, please launch the game and see if you are now able to download the episodes. Depending on your connection, this may take a few times, so please try throughout the day and keep us posted.