You should have received an email update about this on the 29th - please check your spam/junk filter to ensure you are receiving emails from us! 

First, we’d like to share our sincere appreciation for supporting us and the StillNotBitten team by pre-ordering one of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector’s Packs from  It is because of your passion and love for these games that we were able to complete this journey with Clementine, Lee, AJ, and the others. 

However, we have some unfortunate news to share. While we had originally planned to ship all contents of the Collector’s Packs to you together in September, unforeseen production issues will now delay shipment of the physical items (e.g. T-Shirt, Pins, Hat, Diorama, etc.) to after the base game release date of September 10th. The initial prototypes from the factory did not meet the standards that we intended for these Collector’s Packs, and we truly felt that they were not the quality that our fans and this series deserved. 

We’re still finalizing the exact timing for the physical items, but we estimate shipments sometime after November due to these circumstances.  As soon as we get further information, we will update you on the latest estimates via email. 

With all of that said, we want to make sure you are able to play TWD: TT Definitive Series as soon as possible. We will be shipping the physical boxed copy of the game (or PC code for anyone who ordered a PC option, with physical PC discs coming later to those who ordered it) directly to you, arriving close to the release date of September 10th. While separate shipping from all the other Collector’s Pack goodies is not ideal, we want to ensure that you, our amazing fans, get to play the game as soon as everyone else. Additionally, as a thank you for your patience, we will be throwing in an additional collectible pin in the final shipment to let you know how grateful we are!