Before Your Eyes Game Troubleshooting

Modified on Sun, 15 Oct 2023 at 04:14 AM

Before Your Eyes isn’t detecting blinks / is too sensitive and detecting extra blinks. How can I optimize blink detection?

Please start out with our general troubleshooting guide. This is frequently an issue with the lighting and framing of the player. Please note that if necessary, you can always toggle to non-blink mode to continue playing. This is found in the settings menu in game and will not back you out to main menu so you won’t lose any progress if you switch to non-blink mode. 

My game is stuck, how can I progress?

Please start with recalibrating in game to make sure it’s not simply because the game isn’t detecting any blinks. If the issue persists, please close out and restart the game. 

My game got stuck on a black screen. How can I fix?

Quit and change your graphics/resolution settings to low before starting gameplay again, especially if your computer is on the lower end of the recommended specs.

My webcam appears to have disconnected while in the middle of playing Before Your Eyes, what do I do?

First try recalibrating in game to see if Before Your Eyes re-detects the webcam, if that doesn’t work close the game and reboot.

The Hold Eyes Closed (HEC) icon triggered without blinking and/or it isn’t tracking my eyes being held shut, how do I get the HEC to work optimally?

Please recalibrate and make sure camera distance / lighting conditions are optimal. If problems persist restart the game or temporarily switch to click mode to bypass the HEC scene causing problems.

My detection stopped working in game but is continuing to function during the recalibration menu. How do I return blink functionality to in game scenes?

Please quit and restart the game. If this remains ineffective, you can always toggle to click mode in the settings menu.

My game crashed while exiting to the main menu. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately this necessitates restarting the game.

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