Blink Detection

Modified on Mon, 12 Apr, 2021 at 9:16 AM

Having issues w/ your blink detection? Check out the troubleshooting tips below!

  • Try to have the distance from webcam to face around 1.5 - 2ft

    • Try adjusting the position of your face and see what works best for you. Having the webcam to close or too far can cause blink detection issues and ideally your face is occupying approximately 50% of the frame

  • Make sure player’s face is well and evenly lit

    • If not enough light / face is overexposed it can cause blink detection issues

  • Straight on camera angle

    • If camera is too low, high, or facing player from an angle, can cause blink detection issues

  • Hair cleared from eyes

    • If hair is obscuring even one of your eyes, it can cause blink detection issues

  • Graphics Settings

    • If you notice performance issues, frame-rate dips, blurriness or a black screen while playing, make sure to check the graphics settings/resolution and lower them if possible as drops in frame-rate can affect blink detection

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