What are the accessibility features and limitations of The Big Con?

Modified on Tue, 31 Aug 2021 at 01:14 AM

It's been our team's goal to remove or lessen visual, audio, cognitive, and physical barriers for play as much as possible within the limitations of our tools and budget as a small studio. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the game we've made.



  • Options and tutorials are explained using plain language and visual aids

  • The Dialogue FX option allows you to reduce movement and visual background noise during dialogue

  • Eavesdropping visual hints can be toggled on and off

  • You can find Rad Ghost in any level to help explain what your main goals are to complete each level

  • The Notebook feature lets you check current objectives and hints if you've forgotten anything


  • All colour-coded options also use unique icons for colourblind players

  • Fonts used are large and high-contrast (usually black on white when possible)

  • You can choose between our default fonts and 2 easy-to-read options (Open Sans and Open Dyslexic)

  • In-game prompts for interactive items like doors and pickups are accompanied by animated icons

  • Support for screen readers is not available in The Big Con


  • Audio levels for music and sound effects/voices can be controlled separately

  • Voice acting is limited to short emotion sounds, and all relevant dialogue is presented as text


  • You can toggle the pickpocketing minigame off, turning it into a single button press

  • Movement and UI can be controlled using WASD and arrow keys on the keyboard, and analog stick or D-Pad on the controller. Mouse control is not available for The Big Con.

Our team was not able to launch with our control remapping enabled, but rest assured it's coming very soon!

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