This is referring to bugs that don’t result in the game closing, and we’re sorry that’s happening to you. Here are some things you can try that might help you, your fellow players, and us.

  • Fill out our bug report form, found here, with as much information as possible so that our team has a record of the bug and can attempt to fix it. 

  • If you are stuck and can’t proceed in the game, follow the instructions below. 

The best way to get out of a situation where progress is blocked (e.g. you can no longer proceed with the story, get stuck in a dialogue scene, or can’t interact with items in the world)  is to quit the game without saving and restart it. Unfortunately, this means you will lose some progress toward that level, depending on when you last saved. 


  • If the game is still open, quit without saving — Alt+F4 on your keyboard, or open task manager and end the application. 

  • When you return to the game, are you able to continue playing? If so, that’s awesome!

  • If you are still experiencing a block, or you had already saved the game after experiencing the block, you can try to manually delete the save data for the latest level. For this, we recommend heading into our Discord at and talking with support.


  • Hold the Xbox button on the center of your controller to open a menu that allows you to restart the console. This is the safest route right now. 

  • When you return to the game, are you able to continue playing? If so, that’s awesome.

  • If not, we’d like you to fill out the bug report and head over to our Discord at to bring this up with support.