Please make sure to submit your error/bug/glitch information in full to our customer support team here, and include the following information:

  • Exact information about the issue(s) you are facing
  • Platform (Xbox/PS4/PC/etc) you are playing on
  • Digital vs. physical purchase
  • Any photos, screenshots, or videos if possible!

Also, prior to submitting a ticket, please make sure you have tried the following basic troubleshooting steps!

  • Completely exit the game and restart your console/PC
  • Reopen the game and check for an update
  • Ensure you are fully connected to the internet with no firewalls or interruptions
  • Ensure your console/PC/launcher is updated to the latest possible version
  • [PC] Ensure your graphics driver and controller software are updated to the latest possible versions
  • If you cannot overcome bugs with the above steps, please try a complete uninstall of the game and FULLY delete all save files
  • Try a fresh install of the game 

If all above fails, please feel free to contact us via a customer support ticket: