How do I import my Season Two save or backstory into The Walking Dead: A New Frontier?

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec, 2023 at 3:48 AM

Choices you made in previous seasons of The Walking Dead can affect your playthrough in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. If you'd like to play A New Frontier with your backstory as Clementine intact, you have two different options to do so: the in-game Story Generator, or import your save from Season Two. Please read the sections below to determine which option is best for you.

Please note that Telltale's online save upload system is no longer active due to the company's initial closure. Skybound did not acquire these online save servers and does not have access to any Telltale account information. If you originally wished to upload your save to these servers, we recommend using the Story Generator option.

Regenerate your backstory with the in-game Story Generator

This interactive tool allows you to select key choices from previous seasons and regenerate your backstory as Clementine before starting A New Frontier. This feature is great for players who have changed game platforms since playing the earlier Seasons or who no longer have their original save data.

Launch The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, select Episodes, then select 'Continue Your Story'. Select 'Recreate' and play through the in-game Story Generator. 

At the end, you'll see a summary of your Clementine. Select 'Start Story' if you'd like to proceed with this backstory, or 'Start Over' if you'd like to generate a different backstory.

Importing from The Walking Dead: Season Two

If you wish to import your Season Two save, you must have completed your playthrough of Season Two, and be playing A New Frontier on the same platform. For example, if you completed Season Two on your Xbox One, you'll need the Xbox One version of A New Frontier to successfully import your save. If you're playing on console, please also ensure you're playing on the same PlayStation or Xbox profile so that the game can find your correct save.

Launch The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, select Episodes, then select 'Continue Your Story'. If save data is found, you'll be able to select which Season Two save slot to import.

If you have completed Season Two but can't import your save

Only a 'complete' Season Two save file can be imported into A New Frontier. To check if your save is marked as complete, please launch Season Two and view My Choices. You should see exactly 5 choices for each episode. If you see a missing choice for Episode 5, even if you have finished this episode, the game does not consider this 'complete'.

A potential fix is to go into the Play menu, jump to Episode 5, then select Rewind. Replay the final chapter in Episode 5 and let the credits run through fully. When the game loads back to the main menu, go into My Choices and see if all 5 choices are now unlocked for Episode 5. You should then be able to import this save into A New Frontier.

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