This can occur if you own a disc version that does not match the same region as your PlayStation account. For example, if you're playing on a North American PlayStation account but have the European disc, the game will not be able to download Episode 4.

The easiest way to verify your disc's region is to check which rating icon is printed on it:

  • A white and black ESRB M rating means the disc is the North/South American version. This can only be used correctly with a North/South American PlayStation account.
  • A red PEGI 18 icon means the disc is the European/Australian/New Zealand version. This can only be used correctly with a European/Australian/New Zealand PlayStation account.

If you believe you received a disc from a different region in error, please contact the retailer you used for your purchase to see if you can exchange it for the correct version. Skybound does not have discs on hand to exchange.