Some of the older The Walking Dead games on Mac may start up and freeze on red or distorted black-white screens with the sound playing. If you are using a newer OS X version such as El Capitan or later, please try these steps:

  1. In System Preferences, select Displays, then select Scaled - More Space to change the screen resolution to very detailed.
  2. In System Preferences, select Dock, then deselect 'Automatically hide and show the dock' to be able to click on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Start up the game and force it into windowed mode by using the Mac shortcut Command + F on your keyboard.
  4. You should then be able to see the main menu and change the in-game resolution to one that fits the resolution of your monitor’s screen.

If you are unable to switch to full screen mode after following these steps, you may need to play the game in windowed mode to a resolution that matches your monitor's resolution so that the window expands as fully as possible.