Please go into your device's Settings, then tap Applications, Application Manager, and select the game in your app list. Tap Clear Cache for the game app. Please note that this will not affect your save data.

Please then launch the game and download any updates if you are prompted to. Select Play, then select the Rewind button at the bottom of the menu. Rewind to the previous chapter/checkpoint before you started experiencing this issue. For example, if you began experiencing it in the beginning of Episode 2, please restart the beginning of Episode 2. If the issue persists, please rewind to the very end of Episode 1, play through the end, then continue on to Episode 2.

If the issue persists, you may have a partial download of the episode you are playing. To uninstall the episode, please go back into the game's main menu, then tap Settings, and Downloads. Tap on the episode you would like to uninstall, then tap it again to reinstall the episode.